Are these lures even legal.

Jun 17 , 2020

Aaron Buche

Are these lures even legal.

They say fishing takes skill, but what if you could cheat? At least cheat legally. I mean, come on, I'm just wanting to pick up my next meal!

Well, there are some fishing lures that are either illegal in some regions or banned from tournaments. Here are some lures that are guaranteed to get you a whole lot of fish... And maybe one big fine! 

Alabama Rig

Andy Poss dreamed up the Alabama Rig after watching a tuna chase a school of sardines on the BBC documentary series called "The Blue Planet." It's an angled five-wired umbrella rig. It delivers multiple lures on a single cast. It works, for sure.

The problem is, it was banned by two major bass fishing competitions: BASS in 2012 and F.L.W. Outdoors in 2014. Tennesee bans an array of more than three lures or baits on a single rod and reel.

As far as availability, I think they've been swallowed up by the Yumbrealla brand, next.

Yumbrealla® Flash Mob® Rig (

Similar to the Alabama rig, is the Yumbrella® Flash Mob® rig. This one focuses on the ole 'bling, bling.' More flash, more fish. There are four willow blades that attach midway down each arm.

They were banned from BASS Elite events, FLW tour, and Bassmaster Opens and other events.  

Don't forget to check your local laws on this one either.

FoodSource Lures

FooodSource Lures are 100% natural. They are made entirely of edible ingredients. But the FLW rules state that "only artificial lures may be used" except pork trailers. The rules are the rules. Real food works too well, I guess.

However, BASS allows them. They rules state, "only artificial lures and biodegradable artificial lures may be used."

I don't think they're available anymore, but the next ones are...

Robotic Lures

This is more a category of lures. You can find the Robotic Lure ( and the Animated Lure ( These are rechargeable lures. They are heavy and need to be used with a bobber. But they will swim for hours. They'll swim for a little bit like real fish and then stop. After casting, wait 12 seconds and it will start to swim like a real fish. You literally do not have to do anything after casting.

Tournaments would be crazy to allow this kind of lure. Whether it's illegal or not, check your local laws.

Twitching Bait (

Like the robotic lures, the Twitching Lure is also USB regarchable. Maybe you've seen these on TV. The vibrations mimic a wounded fish, which makes it irrestible. It also flashes, buzzes, and glows in the dark. My guess is that some states and tourney's don't allow lures with batteries.

Don't blame me if you get a big fish with a big price tag! Check your laws!

eMinnow (

Similar to other robotic lures, the eMinnow is a motorized fishing lure that mimics the swimming patterns of real fish. It can even slow down and speed up. It vibrates and gives off a clicking sound. They have an assortment of lures in different colours. Pike, salmon, trout, and others simply can't resist. When your live bait stops moving, eMinnow keeps on going.

But the Environment Agency in the UK said that electrical devices are illegal. What about in your area? Again, check your local laws.


These kinds of lures have caught some fish, for sure. Do they work better than your typical lures? The jury's still out, I suppose. The problem with some of these lures is that they can be expensive, even without the fines!