Best Fishing Tackle for 2020

Jun 17 , 2020

Aaron Buche

Best Fishing Tackle for 2020

Best Fishing Tackle for 2020 

When you're heading out to snag a few fish, having the right tackle is imperative. You want the lures that the fish are bitin', you want the rod to be sensitive and solid, and you don't want your line to snap!

Make sure you have the right fishing gear before heading down to your favorite fishing spot.


Because you don't know what the fish will be bitin', we've got three lures.

Spro Spin John 80

Up first is the Spin John 80, designed by John Crews, BASS Elite Series Angler. It sinks slowly and rocks back and forth as it swims, in a kind of “S” pattern. Snap the rod and it'll turn 180 degrees faster than a hot knife through butter. There’s even a back swivel that makes it easier to hook the fish. The treble hooks, extra strong wire, and smooth coat will help snag the big one!

 Berkley Frittside Crankbait

Anything Berkley, but specifically the Berkley Frittside crankbait. David Fritts, legendary bass fisherman, says he finally found his perfect crankbait, the Berkley Frittside crankbait. That's because he helped design it! And it won him the 2019 Bassmaster Classic. It’s good enough for him; it’s good enough for you, too. It's plastic, but it wobbles like a custom made wood bait. And careful when you cast it, it might hit the other side of the bank!

Storm Arashi Glide Bait

The Storm Arashi was clearly designed to mimic real fish action. Like the Frittside crankbait, it has a very slow sink rate. This gives the bait a longer glide, thus the name. It also helps you control depth, and keep the lure in the strike zone. Its triple-pin construction and hooks give you the advantage during the fight.

Rods: Dobyns Fury Casting Rods

Dobyns Fury rods are the perfect balance of sensitivity and strength. They also aren’t bad on being lightweight and of great value! The AA grade cork grip will make sure you can "keep a handle on it" with all-day comfort. High-quality Fuji reel seats keeps that reel where it belongs.

As always, Dobyns provides different rods for different techniques: flipping, topwater, you name it. Dobyns let's you take more control of your fishing.

Reel: Shimano Sienna FG

The Shimano Sienna has smooth drag coupled with an instant anti-reverse system at a great price. Its Propulsion Line Management lets you cast it longer without the knots. It comes in different sizes, so be sure to buy the one that fits your rod. Amazing reel. Amazing price.

Line: Sufix 832 Advanced Superline

That brings us to the right kind of line. You may have bought a new reel in the past and used the line that came with it, only to let that monster bass get away. Sufix 832 Advanced Superline (20lb test) is strong and small in diameter. It boasts eight braided fibers and 32 weaves per inch. The fibers used are designed to help you cast farther with more accuracy, while reducing the visibility of the line and its vibration. Don't underestimate the importance of good fishing line.

Extra: Angler’s Best Livewell Buddy®

Now, what you do after you reel in that huge catch? You have to get a Livewell Buddy®!Eliminate the pain of retrieving your fish from a life well. Simply install in seconds and drop your fish into this strong, long-lasting silicone net.  The Angler’s Best Livewell Buddy® fits in any livewell and keeps the fish from injuring itself on the livewell walls. You can also attach it to the side of a boat or kayak.

Well, I think you’re all set to go! Lures? Check. Rod? Check. Reel? Check. Line? Check. And you can even keep your fish safe. Be ready for your next fishing trip with these hot picks for fishing tackle in 2020.