The Bait & Switch Legend: 

The legend of Bait & Switch started somewhere around whenever the wind started blowing.  Small, simple roots.  Some people say they never even saw it coming - other's claim they've seen it before and they've known about it all along. I suppose that's why Bait & Switch has become legendary status...there always has been a lot of discussion and even sometimes debate around the subject. 

You find out who your friends are:

Hunters and fisherman (and fisher-women) from the old world have always understood Bait & Switch - the name Bait & Switch for them signaled, at the very least, that you were in the "chase" for something big, something good.  If you missed your prize today, that means next time was going to be that much sweeter.   It was those very same hunters and fisherman  who stood by Bait & Switch while others tried to paint it as a derogatory financial term over the last half-century.   All that bad press certainly was a gut-check for Bait & Switch, but in the end the truth always comes out.  









"Don't call it a comeback - we've been here for years!"









Today, Bait & Switch is seeing a resurgence, and it's presence is undeniably being seen, felt and worn around the country.   In the end, when you clear through all the distractions, we're all looking for that next get-away to the mountains, to the lake, or both. That need to get away and find your next adventure...that's truly what Bait & Switch is all about: get real - get wild - Bait & Switch.  And the legend lives on.   


As for the owner and chief creator of all this, my name is Aaron Buche.  As a kid I grew up doing a lot of fishing and camping - a lot.  My friends and I still laugh and reminisce over too many to tell tales of camping trips, fish stories, burnt sleeping bags, and adventures gone right and wrong.   Mix in my experience in the apparel business with an unforgettable name, and the Bait & Switch brand was born.  

On a professional level, I am very proud of the Bait & Switch brand, and the clothes that we offer.  Quality clothing that you truly love wearing is always our aim at Bait & Switch.   

Personally, I have 2 amazing sons, I'm a proud veteran of the US Army, I love dogs, coffee and cool clothing.  When I'm outside, I spend most of my time hiking around Horsetooth Mountain Open Space, or chasing trout in the middle of Wyoming.