Our Story

The adventures of Bait and Switch may sound a little like your story...
A whole lot of fishing, setting up camp and some good campfire cooking - we lived our adventure. The thing we were missing was WEARING our adventure. Sure there's some camp type clothing, but we were a little tired of the norm and the dissatisfaction of people guessing if we were lumberjacks, ranchers, country men or the standard "hunter." People that love fishing and camping are from all over and celebrate a common love for nature..current outdoor fashion is utilitarian, bland and does not really help a welcoming conversation starter that we all love to talk about: Fishing, camping spots, new trails to try or the next new gadget for your camper.
So Aaron, a few friends and of course some fashionably sensible wives started to hatch the idea of Bait and Switch. Add in some fashion, some edginess to the designs and laughter - and that's the foundation of our brand. It's a funny way of coming together and remembering all of life up's and down's. For every bait, there is a switch: Bait and Switch.
For those looking for a new adventure in outdoor fashion, from our Bait & Switch family to yours we thank you for sharing the adventure, the dream and a new found statement in outdoor apparel.